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Create your own job security, minus the boss

You probably think that your job is the most stable choice to make. But is it

We honestly think that it’s not stable but stuck.

Working harder for your boss is probably not going to make a difference in your paycheck. To be honest, you’re working long hours for a salary that might be sufficient but isn’t great.

Just think about never having to do performance reviews anymore, doing your job in the way you want, and building your own future instead of someone else’s.

Freelancing is your key to freedom, and we’d love to give you everything you need to get started.

IT Freelance Kickstart

Double your income with half the hours: Freelance Kickstart.

The full roadmap to take you from working for a boss chained to your desk to becoming an IT freelance consultant earning € 12.000 a month while working only 4 days a week.

Private Coaching

Freelance Academy 3-month Private Coaching with guaranteed placement and a zero-risk freelance career. If you are ready to call in those € 10.000 months and are willing to making a sizeable investment, then let’s hop on a call to explore your options.

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