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For creative solopreneurs who want to attract more high-ticket clients, build a team, and scale their business to $10K+ months with ease.

Consistent $10K+ Months

You are running a business by your own, and have clients.

But it’s not nearly enough to make a living or to feel like you’re really killing it.

Besides money, you feel like you don’t have enough time to take care of all the tasks your business requires to run in a healthy way.

Are you ready for those consistent $10K+ months while you are working less and actually able to enjoy life in a way that you desire?

Then Scaling for Solopreneurs is for you!


Scaling for Solopreneurs

The 2.0 version of your business is around the corner!

René is offering private mentorship programs to help you scale and accelerate your business so that it can support the lifestyle that you desire.

And working 40-60 hours a week is definitely a part of that.

Are you interested in exploring options? Then let’s hop on a zero-pressure discovery call!

We will talk about the bottlenecks in your business how I can support you with this and if I can offer you a ton of value or not.

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