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I'm René

Hi there!

I’m René, and I’m the CEO & Coach at Freelance Academy!

If you’re serious about creating more freedom and abundance in your life, and you want to do this by starting your freelance career, then you’ve come to the right place!

My story and the story of Freelance Academy

My IT journey started in 2005 when I shifted from being an electrical engineer to my first job in IT.

As the years progressed, I worked for amazing companies and was even invited to work for VMware as a Senior Consultant, delivering projects throughout Europe.

Freedom has always been such an important topic in my life. When I was 18, I was already dreaming of becoming a freelancer even tho I didn’t know what it actually meant.

Nearly 10 years later, I finally took the leap from employee to freelancer.

Back then, there was no blueprint or roadmap. So I had to figure it all out by myself.

I’ve made decisions and mistakes that cost me unnecessary money and time, but I was able to crack the code and build a very successful career as an IT freelancer, making over € 200.000 a year.

And with all the freedom as a freelancer, I decided to move to Bali, where I now live in an amazing villa, living my dream life and doing all of my work remotely.

More and more people started asking me how I did this, and that’s where I came up with the idea to bring Freelance Academy to life.

To help IT professionals who want to quit their job and start their freelance careers accelerated, easy, and fun way!

I will help you with the steps before you leap, during, and after, including helping you with your first high-paid project.

A word from René:

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Easy € 10,000 Months

You already have the necessary IT skills that can earn you at least € 10,000 a month. Easily! Working for a boss is outdated, and many have gone the freelance route before you. How much longer are you going to delay?

Your IT Freelance Career

Want to know the three biggest benefits for you when you start freelancing?

Freedom in Time

You decide how much time you work every week and how much spare time you desire for family, hobbies, and passions!

Financial Abundance

Earning over 10K a month creates more financial freedom for you and your family, while you are doing what you love.

Location Independence

Not being chained to your desk means you can work from anywhere! Go spend some time at your dream destination!

The stability of a job, minus the boss

You probably think that your job is the most stable choice to make. But is it? We honestly think that it’s not stable but stuck.

Working harder for your boss is probably not going to make a difference in your paycheck. To be honest, you’re working long hours for a salary that might be sufficient but isn’t great.

Just think about never having to do performance reviews anymore, doing your job in the way you want, and building your own future instead of someone else’s.

Break free from the chains of your desk.

It might be hard to admit, but you’re stuck to your desk and working long hours for your boss for an income that could easily be 2-10x higher when you choose to become a freelancer.


So let me help you make the shift and start earning double while working half the amount of hours!

Travel & Leisure​

Did you know that you decide the amount of time off you have every year as an IT freelancer?

No more asking for approval by your manager or boss. No more limited number of days per year.

Go and book that great trip to Africa, Asia, or the US you have been dreaming of!

Stay for one or two months with your family. Or turn it into a work trip where you do some remote work while enjoying your new lifestyle.

More Family Time

What if you could spend more time with your family, by working less and still earning more?

What if you could support your family in a better way, financially?


What if your new income allows your partner to quit their job and focus on the kids or pursue their passion?


Your First Project:
100% Guaranteed

I know how exciting or even scary it feels to think about landing your first project.


That is why I am going to help you with finding your first project and make sure you have a guaranteed placement.


And don’t worry, after your first project, I’ll still be around to help you find another project if you need so.

Life By Design

I believe that living your most ideal life is the number one priority.

How work fits into that life comes next.

The Journey of a Lifetime

Becoming an IT freelance consultant or architect is a giant leap forward if you’re coming from a 9-5 job as an employee.

This could be the destination or final station for you.

But know that freelancing is a great stepping stone into building your own team, becoming a CEO or investor (did I hear someone say retire before you’re 40?).

Freelance Academy helps you scale beyond your freelance career with custom-tailored programs.

Reach out to learn more!